Wellness in Flex

Across the flex world, wellness in the workplace is one of the top topics that I’m speaking to clients about right now. It is more fundamental to our clients’ objectives than ever before. But who is doing it well, and what can we learn from those who are at the forefront of the race to adapt?

Large numbers of our flex clients now think wellness and experience are as crucial to their company’s growth as traditional metrics. And that’s not about token gestures, it’s about tangible, long term changes that improve the experience available to the occupier.

But what does that mean in practice? We think there are a number of key areas flex providers need to focus on:

Design for creativity and collaboration

A design-led workspace, with the right combination of focus and collaboration zones actively promotes creativity and the sharing of ideas. The office is essential to foster a creative and engaging culture where employees can realise their full potential. 41% of those surveyed in the CBRE flash occupier survey predicted an increase in preference for buildings with wellbeing design (such as the WELL Building Standard) and/or environmental design features.

Room for mindfulness

And we can see that translate in the flexible office sector with those buildings providing access to restorative spaces, such as balconies, terraces, and outdoor spaces typically boasting higher levels of occupancy. CBRE themselves have given preference to certified green buildings for our leased corporate facilities.

Digitally enabled working

This provides colleagues the flexibility to work across multiple formats, including home, the office, and a local flex space. Agile working is all about this choice, and boosting mental wellbeing by empowering staff to choose their working environments.

Great workplace, great workforce

The pandemic has accelerated the trend of occupiers looking for and trying to create great workplaces that attract, retain and engage the best talent across markets, and the fastest growing building selection factors cited by occupiers are branding, building technology, and wellness capability. The discerning occupier now has choice. The likely winners when we return to the office en masse will be the flex operators who share the values and commitments to wellness. 

“Investing in the wellbeing of staff, through workplace design and accommodation of services and responsible policies reaps tangible benefits in staff recruitment, retention, and satisfaction, whilst also positively contributing to the macro ambitions of company ESG targets.” states Patrick Staunton, CBRE health and wellbeing lead


Of course, knowing the importance of wellbeing and putting it into practice are two different things. The Flex team at CBRE can support you to future proof your portfolio, rightsize your space, and utilising a distributed network. Get in touch with me or one of the team today.

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